Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Menu 10/14-10/20

Nothing to post this week. We went out of town this weekend for a family reunion and will be out of town this coming weekend for a wedding. So instead of trying to cook with everything else going on (husband had a test, I had a test, plus laundry and packing for 2 weekends) we went to Costco and tried some things.

Friday was just hubby and I... so we bought some chicken tenders and crab rangoon and that was our dinner.

Saturday was Ruma's Deli... which is right down the street and I love love love it. I had yet to go since we moved here, so decided it was time.

Monday we had the Slow Cooker Tacos that I have posted about before.

Tuesday we tried some breaded Chickens along with some fire roasted veggies. Both were really good.

Tonight (wednesday) we had angus cheeseburgers, waffle fries, and stir fry veggies. Also very good. I wasn't a fan of the veggies, something in them didn't agree with me, but everyone else loved them.

Tomorrow is Asparagus and Gruyere Ravioli with Alfredo Sauce and the rest of the stir fry veggies. Hubby and I made the ravioli tonight, because he works till midnight tomorrow, and they were really good. Can't wait to eat the rest of it.

We also tried Costco (kirkland brand) waffles this week... taste just like Eggo brand. We also tried these sausage patties which were good. The last item we tried were Zucchini Souffles. They weren't bad for being microwavable.. but I still prefer the homemade ones hubby makes.

With the exception of the Chicken Tacos, everything is pre-made from Costco and just requires being heated up. I think everything next week will be the same... but I will let you know. It's just that time of the year... So much going on.

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