Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu 10/28-11/3

No new breakfast or snacks. Sorry, I know some of you really enjoyed the breakfast and snacks I have posted, we are just too busy right now. I have accepted the fact (and I hope you can too) that we will only be making 2 or 3 meals a week and the rest will be store bought stuff.

However... I do have two new dinner/lunch for you and it's good....

First, we did try Costco Pita Cheeseburgers this week... they are pretty good. We also had the rest of the Asparagus and Gruyere ravioli we had before. And we added Frozen Chicken Pot Pies from Marie Callendar to our repertoire... they are good as well.

Now on to the new menu item.... Creamy Chicken with Vegetables and Texas Stew!

Not only that but as an added bonus, Chad and I went to my sister in laws house on Saturday and I am sharing the two recipes we took-Crock Pot Corn Chowder and Sweet Hot Bean Dip.

And just for the fun of it I am sharing a favorite comfort food of mine.... Crescent Wrapped Brie....

And just so you know... I actually have pictures for some of these!

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