Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu 11/4-11/13

Breakfasts: (rotates)
Breakfast Sandwiches, Waffles/Sausage, Cereal/Smoothie/Oatmeal

Snacks: (rotates)
Granola Bar/Cheese, Yogurt/Almonds and Fruit Leather

Lunch/Dinner (whatever we have for dinner, we have for lunch the next day)
Friday- we went out to eat
Saturday-Chicken Patties (from Costco) with Chips and Fruit
Sunday-BBQ Beef Sandwich(recipe) and Rice Casserole (recipe)
Monday-Pita Cheeseburgers (from Costco) with Chips and Fruit
Tuesday-Crock Pot Chicken (recipe)
Wednesday-Deli Sandwiches with Chips and Fruit
Thursday-Chicken patties(from Costco) with steamed veggies
Friday- Butternut Squash Ravioli with Pesto Sauce and Veggies (from Costco)
Saturday-Chicken Pot Pies(from Costco) for the in laws, Chad and I went out with my family
Sunday- Crock Pot Pizza (recipe)

This month I am trying to get the menu planning and menu posts lined up with my new monday schedule, which is why this post has a bit more days than normal.  After next week my menus will be starting on Monday too... so I am slowly getting there.

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