Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu Plan 11/14-11/20

Here is the Burke Family Menu for this week:
Breakfast: (rotates)
-Waffles/Sausage, Breakfast Sandwiches, Muffins

Snacks (rotates)
Granola Bar/Applesauce, Yogurt/Almonds and Fruit Leather

Lunch/Dinner(whatever we have for dinner, we have for lunch the next day)
Monday-Quinoa Burger (recipe), Veggie Chips, Fruit
Tuesday- Pita Cheeseburgers (from Costco), Chips, Fruit
Wednesday- Sante Fe Chicken (recipe)
Thursday- Chicken Patties (from Costco), Rice Casserole (recipe)
Friday- Frozen Pizza and Veggies
Saturday- Deli Sandwiches, Chips, Squash Bites
Sunday- Baked Potato Soup (recipe)

Usually I only have 3 dishes that I make throughout the week, but this week we have 4... however, all but the Quinoa Burgers are Crock Pot Meals (which are my favorite type).  You can look for these recipes to be posted later in the week after the dish is cooked.

I have decided to start posting my menus on a site that does a linky for menus.  If you need more menu ideas, head over there and check out the site.

*This menu has been linked to: Meal Plan Monday

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