Saturday, September 3, 2011

Breakfast Burritos


I love meals that you can freeze and reheat later. They fit our families different schedules wonderfully. I got this recipe off Pinterest and couldn't wait to try it.

However, I am not sure it worked for us this time. This is one we will have to retry, because I love the idea and it sounds amazing.

Had some problems this time... First of all, make sure you get flour tortillas, my dh and dmil got corn and they just didn't work as well. Also, make sure you get soft taco size tortillas (8 inch i believe). They got the tostada size and they were just to small to stuff so we ended up making breakfast quesadillas instead. And since the quesadillas took up more room on the cooking sheet, i tried to layer them with foil and they just didn't flash freeze well enough and they were a pain to individually wrap. However, they look yummy.

These weren't too bad. I think they would taste better if we had used the flour tortillas. And they needed more cheese on them. I really didn't put that much because dh complains I use too much cheese. but more cheese would of held them together more. We will defintly try and redo these at some point.

** we have re-tried this recipe and it worked great with flour tortillas and we used a little more cheese, which held them together wonderfully.   These are working great now.  We have been wanting more home-cooked breakfasts but don't have the time to cook every morning.  I can just pull these out when I pack the lunch boxes the night before and they are ready to be zapped in the morning.

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