Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zucchini Spaghetti


This was pretty good... better than I expected. Pretty easy and doesn't take much time either. The part that takes the longest is slicing the zucchini.

Some points:

-make sure you really drain the zucchini... the moisture makes the already runny dressing even more runny.
-have a good mandolin slicer....ours isn't that good and to get it to cut the zucchini all the way through you have to really use a lot of pressure.... and with that comes the not so fun part of our night... I was putting so much pressure on the zucchini that I have julienne width sized cuts on my right palm and it hurts something fierce. Of course, if we could find our guard that probably wouldn't of happened.
- the dressing is pretty runny. We used half and half instead of light cream, because we couldn't find light cream at any of the 5 stores we tried.... We are thinking next time to try heavy cream or maybe even sour cream to thicken it up more. I am hoping that our leftovers we are having for lunch tomorrow will have more flavor because it has been marinating in the dressing all night. We shall see.
- we also couldn't find fleur de sel so we just used some sea salt and it tasted good.

We paired this with some plain old salt and pepper baked chicken and it was a great meal. We had some fruit yogurt for desert.

This meal was easy and fast to do and there were very few dishes used. I think this meal is a definite repeat.


  1. You need ti post a picture of the food you make on your recipes!!!

  2. That's a plan that will be implemented, still working out a system. Though only some will have photos because I am not home twice a week for dinner so the family does it and I doubt they will remember to take a pictures, but that is definitely a plan I am working on. First was create blog to post about meals. (done) Second was to have enough time to add the recipes with the post, instead of just links (done). Third is add pictures.... stay tuned Queen Lear it's coming! :-)