Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fruit Salsa and Cini Chips


As mentioned, we have 2 snacks a day. We wanted to try some new snacks this week, so this was a recipe I found on Pinterest.

First of all... YUMMMMMM!!!

Let's talk about the salsa first...This is wonderful. Love the different fruits it uses in the salsa, and it is super easy to make. Cut up the fruit, stir in the other ingredients, chill and your done. After we let it chill, we divided it up into individual servings and froze them. We will take them out of the freezer the night before when we back up the next day's meals. I hope it tastes as yummy after its been frozen as it did today, because then we can make big batches of it and freeze it and unfreeze as we need it.

The cini chips... are wonderful too. I mean it. It takes a little longer than the salsa to make, but totally worth it. We used the big (10"? burrito size) plain flour tortillas. I sprayed the cookie sheet first, because I was worried they would stick. Then followed the directions. Yum...the first batch didn't even make it to be divided for this week's snacks.... For the second batch I put the spray and cin/sugar on both sides to give it extra flavor and they were fantastic. One thing I will caution... don't forget to use the spray again after the cini/sugar, otherwise the cini/sugar doesn't all stick to the chip.

We had been talking about getting ice cream today and dh and dfil both said they tasted better than DQ ice cream. These chips would be great by themselves too... A nice, healthier snack. Would be good on the side of homemade yogurt and/or ice cream too.

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